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When I started at SPU, I was very interesting in learning how to be a Good Christian. I didn’t know a lot about religious doctrine or practice because my family wasn’t very religious, but I wanted to know God and I thought that being at SPU and learning about God and the Church would help me with that. Now, I know a lot more about theology and doctrine and church history. I think I know god a little better too, but not through studying theology and doctrine and church history. Those things are largely irrelevant, at least for my understanding of god. The god I know is experiential. I know god through connections to people and to earth. A church-bound God no longer interests or compels me. You could stay I started SPU with a lot of certainty and not much knowledge about God, and I’m ending with a lot of “knowledge” and not a lot of certainty. I no longer believe in any of the doctrines of Christianity, but for reasons mysterious to me I still identify myself as a Christian. Jesus is an inspiration to me, but he is one of a personal canon of saints who do the same. 

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